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About Alamo Insect Control

Whenever you're in need of Pest Control in Lake Charles, call Alamo Insect Control for a free professional consultation and estimate. Regardless of your particular problem, Alamo Insect Control will know how to eliminate what's bugging you because they know how to Kill 'Em Dead!

Chris Pumpelly is the owner and General Manager of Alamo Insect Control which is a locally owned and operated company. Chris believes that his company's Good Name is worth more than great wealth and that is exactly how Alamo Insect Control has operated since they opened their doors for business in 1946. Chris knows that honesty, hard work and superior customer service builds trust and customer retention.

Alamo Insect Control has over 65 years of experience dealing with termites (both native and Formosan), powder post beetles, and many other wood destroying insects and organisms. Alamo Insect Control also has the know-how to eliminate disease caring rodents (both rats and mice), mosquitoes, flies, fleas, ticks, mites, weevils, bed bugs and every possible variety of roaches in our area.

The Better Business Bureau has provided Alamo Insect Control with an A+ rating. With a track record like that, you know that you will be getting outstanding customer service from a company that you can trust.


Native, ( Reticulitermes ) Termite Soldier

These guard and protect the colony with their hard heads and pincers. they are blind and depend completely on the worker termite for food.